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Multiple Rings Fashion

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You may think wearing more than four rings and putting on a string of bracelet is the typical feature of the "upstarts", but now this concept should be thrown away! Since the Balenciaga show, putting on lots of rings on one’s hands has become a new fashion trend. This kind of appearance is not pretentious, but very trendy. Kristen Stewart wore several rings and black and white clothing on the red carpet. Multiple rings were easily set off by the simple clothing.

Even if you don’t have enough money to buy expensive Balenciaga, you can be trendy with rings! Actually, on the streets of Europe and America, there are many people wearing multiple rings. Editors have collected some examples and advices on collocation. Now let’s speak out: wearing one ring is OUT! !

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Be Fit Not Thin - Are You Skinny-Fat?

Monday, May 27, 2013

WOW, it really works! Now even the dresses in high school can be put on again. Wherever you go, you will attract envious eyes. But there comes a problem: though you become thinner, your skin becomes rough, bleak and sagging. The worst thing is that your breasts and hips become not plump any more. You have lost the curves. If you lose weight only by being on a diet, in spite of the decreased weight, your figure may be not improved at all. Because this kind of way of losing weight can decompose the protein in the muscles, but the proportion of fat in the body remains increasing. Then, SKINNY-FAT is the name given to you, who are thin, but still carry around a high percentage of body fat. Hunger can lead to malnutrition, narrow the visceral and influence its function. Therefore, people’s basal metabolism decreases and its vitality declines, which is known as "being debilitated".

You don’t need to decrease fat in all parts of your body. On the contrary, in some parts like breasts and hips, you should try to add more fat. Only with enough fat, you can show soft and smooth curves. Without the support of muscles, your skin and subcutaneous fat can only be loosely hung on your bones loosely. Miserable situations such as "wearing a swimming ring on waist" and "being both fat and loose". Though being on diet can help lose your weight, it can’t control your figure and maintain adequate moisture for your skin. You know, reasonable amount of fat can not only build female curves, but also a prerequisite of normal menstruation. If you keep on diet, irregular menstruation may soon come its way. It may be more harm than good.

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2013 Hairstyle Trends: Girls back to natural hairstyles

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Are you still racking your brains on your hairstyle? Do you want to be fashion-forward? Then take a look at the hairstyle trends of 2013.

Girls’ hairstyles

Show: Burberry Prorsum

This hairstyle is gentle, natural. With it, it seems that you have never used any hair styling products. It makes you clean and easy-going and helps you show your natural beauty. In another word, it makes you more beautiful without completely altering what you looked like.

Pony tails with bare forehead

Show: Giambattista Valli

Neat pony tail style – sleek head—it seems that the Spring and Summer 2013 hairstyle trend has been carried on to Autumn, especially the smooth pony tail style, which shows Giambattista Valli casual style in Balmain.

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Teach You How to Get Fair Complexion in 3 Minutes

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who says whitening is a protracted war? Right clothes can make you look thinner; flawless makeup can improve your color tone; all these can be done in minutes, it is just a piece of cake. Perfect foundation can produce smooth white lustrous skin. Rose red gradient lipsticks can give you a sign of young. You succeed to produce fair flawless complexion as long as you can fool others’ eyes!

Foundation Cover Up

When you need to get rid of the title of “black girl", makeup can make a difference. Perfect foundation can produce smooth white lustrous skin. A bit of tricks can improve the shallow contour defects of Asians, which makes whitening no longer stay in two dimensions and upgraded to the three-dimensional whitening.

First, select pearl foundation. Apply on your face and enormous amount at your T-zone, cheeks and chin.

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Eleven Things to Do before Bedtime to Make Your Beauty Sleep Really Count

Monday, April 15, 2013

As everyone knows, sleep isn’t just the best way to gain your energy back, it’s also the best way to keep you young and beautiful. Maintaining the right bedtime routine can give you an edge to wake up radiant the next day. Here we have eleven recommendations to improve your beauty sleep. If you can follow these strictly, waking up dazzling should be no problem.

So how can you get the best effect out of your beauty sleep?

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Versatile High-Waisted Skirts have an Elegant, Slimming Effect

Sunday, March 31, 2013

High-waisted skirts are an indispensable part of every woman’s wardrobe. Whatever the color or texture, these skirts have a striking, leg-lengthening effect that easily takes off visual pounds.

Elegant Wrap Dresses

High-waisted wrap skirts show off a stellar figure. Add a pair of high-heels to get the maximum leg-lengthening effect, and you become the definition of elegant and sexy.


Retro, round skirts

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Stay Fit by Taking the Stairs: Every Minute Burns 13 Calories

Friday, March 22, 2013

You won’t lose a dress size instantly by taking the stairs, but over time the effects can add up. If you don’t have time to hit the gym, or tend to be a couch potato, this little change can really help you lose weight and get fitter.

Do you know how many calories you can burn taking the stairs?

What good exercise we busy career women miss out on by taking advantage of the elevator?

Let’s do some math!

Climbing stairs at an average rate, you burn about 8 METs. So for example, if you weigh 50 kg (about 110 lbs.) you’ll burn about seven calories a minute. The heavier you are, the more energy you burn. If you take the stairs at a run, your metabolic rate can rise to 15 METs, so that you burn about 13.12 calories a minute.

What about going down the stairs?  If you take them at a moderate rate, you will still burn three METs, about 2.62 calories a minute. If you carry a 10-20 kg object, you’ll burn five METs, or about 4.37 calories a minute.

MET stands for metabolic equivalent, meaning the amount of energy it takes just to maintain your bodily functions while resting. This is an index for the amount of energy any activity takes. It’s equivalent to the amount of energy it takes to use 3.5 milliliters of oxygen, per minute, per kilogram of body weight.

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Beautiful Eyebrows: 8 Rules to Get the Soft, Well-Defined Eyebrows

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A pair of shapely eyebrows has become one of the most trendy features now. Compared with last season, the trend in eyebrow makeup is to me softer and more natural-looking. Still not clear? Don’t worry, just follow these 8 rules, and anyone can produce a trendy eyebrow makeup look.

1.)    Nourish Thick Eyebrows

If you have unusually sparse eyebrows, you can’t always produce natural-looking definition just with an eyeliner pencil or eye shadow. Try a daily application of eyebrow nourishing serum with nutrients to encourage hair growth.

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Any Woman is set with These Five Bag Styles

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When you want to buy a bag, consider these five styles. If you have these five covered, it should be enough!

The handbag: Essential for the career women

When buying a handbag, steer clear of black and brown (you probably have plenty of neutral-colored handbags.) If you’re on a budget look for a bag you can take both to work and the mall. With this in mind, you’ll want something flexible with a more attractive color such as plum, forest green, off-white, or even animal prints such as leopard or zebra. As always, coordinating with your outfit is a bonus!

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Sparkling Eye Makeup - To Make Your Eyes Pop

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Highlights for your eyes give you a more lively look. It will not only attract everyone’s attention, but give you a glowing confidence!

Use eyeliner to emphasize the corners of your eyes.


Apply eyeliner under your eyes. Use many strokes to apply brown eyeliner under your eyes to create a natural-looking shadow.

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