The Double-Bagging Trend

Friday, November 9, 2012

Most of the time we want to go out with our way of hands free. But sometimes, we just have to bring lots of stuff along, lunch, make up, sneakers, travel essentials, blah blah blah... So, instead of carrying a big unsytlish backpack or gigantic tote bag, I would recommend you to do a little extra carry on. With colourful, stylish, beautiful, and correctly matching bags, I believe you might be indulging in this double-bagging trend.


For the look to seem a bit of intentional but well-organized, just imagining you are pairing your bags as your outfits. Think about them as your shirts and pants, Would you wear a structured, neon sweatshirt with a lace peasant skirt? (Probably not). Would you match a loose colourful singlet with jeans? (Yes). This trick can successfully help you to survive in this double-bagging trend.

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