Any Woman is set with These Five Bag Styles

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When you want to buy a bag, consider these five styles. If you have these five covered, it should be enough!

The handbag: Essential for the career women

When buying a handbag, steer clear of black and brown (you probably have plenty of neutral-colored handbags.) If you’re on a budget look for a bag you can take both to work and the mall. With this in mind, you’ll want something flexible with a more attractive color such as plum, forest green, off-white, or even animal prints such as leopard or zebra. As always, coordinating with your outfit is a bonus!

Travel bag: Everyone needs one!

Don’t go for really expensive, name brand travel bags, unless you want to catch the eye of a grifter! Durable, light, and functional should do the trick!

A fancier hide purse: Every woman has at least one special bag in her life...

An exotic leather bag (such as snake skin or alligator hide). Of course the best is the name brand that begins with an “H” (Hermes?). If you consider handbags in this material too extravagant and don’t plan on taking it to work or when you go shopping, consider a small clutch purse.

A fashionable messenger bag.

The best thing about a shoulder bag is it leaves your hands free. Do your best to find one that won’t go out of style, so you don’t have to keep buying new one. C’s 2.55 and H’s Constance are always in good taste.

A clutch purse: These are surprisingly useful.

Clutch purses aren’t just for evenings out anymore; you can also take slightly larger ones to work or out to lunch. Often, you can find very affordable name brand clutch purses.

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