Beautiful Eyebrows: 8 Rules to Get the Soft, Well-Defined Eyebrows

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A pair of shapely eyebrows has become one of the most trendy features now. Compared with last season, the trend in eyebrow makeup is to me softer and more natural-looking. Still not clear? Don’t worry, just follow these 8 rules, and anyone can produce a trendy eyebrow makeup look.

1.)    Nourish Thick Eyebrows

If you have unusually sparse eyebrows, you can’t always produce natural-looking definition just with an eyeliner pencil or eye shadow. Try a daily application of eyebrow nourishing serum with nutrients to encourage hair growth.

2.)    Fill in the Gaps

If your eyebrows are still thin, first fill in the whole area with some eye shadow that’s a little lighter than the natural color of your eyebrows. Then use a liquid eyeliner pencil and draw in some fine lines. A liquid pencil should be able to draw finer lines than ordinary eyeliners, so the effect should look a little more like natural hairs.

3.)    Clean up the edges and shape

“Full eyebrows” does not mean bushy, uncontrolled growth. You can use  an eyebrow razor to carefully shave the unruly hairs close to your eyes. For hairs that grow too long or hang downward, you can bring them into line with a little gel, or trim them shorter. Or just pluck unruly hairs out.

4.)    Shape soft, well-defined eyebrows

Even if your original eyebrow hairs are sparse, you may still be able to fake eyebrows with a lot of definition.  The secret is in using just the right amount of blending. Following the direction of growth of your natural hairs, apply eye shadow or eyeliner with a light hand. Then sweep the hairs back with a brush, blending the outlines as much as possible and distributing the color evenly. (See the Etro diagram.) Simply using an eyeliner pencil to frame the brows’ shape and filling in with eye shadow does is not as effective.

5.)    Balance the overall effect of your makeup

To keep the effect of fuller eyebrows from becoming too masculine, use soft rose shades for blush and lipstick. Long, mascara-enhanced eyelashes can also balance out robust eyebrows.

6.)    Choose the color of your eye shadow

With prominent eyebrows, you don’t want overly-dark eye shadow. Usually brown or gray eye shadow best compliments Asian hair. These colors will bring out your eyebrows while softening the rest of your look.

7.)    Think twice before changing the shape of your eyebrows

Try to keep the peak of your eyebrows in the same position as much as possible. The peak determines the shape of the whole eyebrow. Trimming the peaks is likely to make your left and right eyebrows uneven.

8.)    Finalize the brow

Brush your eyebrows upwards, strengthening the prominence of this look, and then add gel to help them hold their shape. This will make you look more energetic. Have a look at the Sportmax and MichealKors models to see the final effect.

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