Stay Fit by Taking the Stairs: Every Minute Burns 13 Calories

Friday, March 22, 2013

You won’t lose a dress size instantly by taking the stairs, but over time the effects can add up. If you don’t have time to hit the gym, or tend to be a couch potato, this little change can really help you lose weight and get fitter.

Do you know how many calories you can burn taking the stairs?

What good exercise we busy career women miss out on by taking advantage of the elevator?

Let’s do some math!

Climbing stairs at an average rate, you burn about 8 METs. So for example, if you weigh 50 kg (about 110 lbs.) you’ll burn about seven calories a minute. The heavier you are, the more energy you burn. If you take the stairs at a run, your metabolic rate can rise to 15 METs, so that you burn about 13.12 calories a minute.

What about going down the stairs?  If you take them at a moderate rate, you will still burn three METs, about 2.62 calories a minute. If you carry a 10-20 kg object, you’ll burn five METs, or about 4.37 calories a minute.

MET stands for metabolic equivalent, meaning the amount of energy it takes just to maintain your bodily functions while resting. This is an index for the amount of energy any activity takes. It’s equivalent to the amount of energy it takes to use 3.5 milliliters of oxygen, per minute, per kilogram of body weight.

Whether you’re going up or down, taking the stairs is good exercise.

The exercise involved in walking up and down stairs is different from walking on a level surface in that between each flight of stairs is because of the way you have to lift your legs over the gaps between the steps. When you stimulate the muscles on your thighs, your quadriceps , like this, it raises your metabolism.

The quadriceps, as the name implies, include four distinct tissues. The vastus intermedius, which is located in the middle of your thigh, doesn’t get used much in daily walking, so it can easily atrophy. This also makes it easy for fat to build up over the muscle.  This also reduces your metabolism.

In general, any type of exercise is only going to use some of your muscles. However, by lifting your legs to bridge the gap between steps, you can work these relatively weak muscles.  Your thighs may not turn into steel, but a little extra training of these little-used muscles will have a noticeable impact on your metabolic rate. It’s one of the easiest ways to make this part of your body a little fitter!

Climbing stairs has an even better effect if you maintain the right posture.

We often climb stairs with poor posture. We stoop to look at the floor and make sure that we have steady footholds. It’s much better if you straighten your back and pull in your stomach.

If you want to lose weight by taking the stairs every day, be sure to correct your posture. Climbing stairs isn’t like walking on the street.You need to pay attention to your posture to evenly distribute your weight on your leg muscles and get the greatest exercise benefit.

Take the stairs every day to lose weight.

You don’t necessarily need to schedule in time for exercise, you can just change a few things in your routine and use the facilities around you to get a little fitter. The best kind of exercise is one that you can easily integrate into your life, because that is the kind that you will do consistently. Staying in shape will become an unbreakable habit!

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