2013 Hairstyle Trends: Girls back to natural hairstyles

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Are you still racking your brains on your hairstyle? Do you want to be fashion-forward? Then take a look at the hairstyle trends of 2013.

Girls’ hairstyles

Show: Burberry Prorsum

This hairstyle is gentle, natural. With it, it seems that you have never used any hair styling products. It makes you clean and easy-going and helps you show your natural beauty. In another word, it makes you more beautiful without completely altering what you looked like.

Pony tails with bare forehead

Show: Giambattista Valli

Neat pony tail style – sleek head—it seems that the Spring and Summer 2013 hairstyle trend has been carried on to Autumn, especially the smooth pony tail style, which shows Giambattista Valli casual style in Balmain.

Retro trend of 1940s

Show: Bottega Veneta

Charming style of big waves of 1940s: with smooth top and big waves on both sides. This style embodies retro beauty.

Hide your pony tail

Show: Mulberry, Hermes, Belstaff, Paul & Joe

This kind of hairstyle first appeared in spring and summer of 2013. It was the most popular trend in 2013. Movie stars hide their hairs under their coats, or put their hairs under their necklaces. Though it seems a little messy, but it also embodies beauty.

Long bangs

Show: Emilio Pucci

This hairstyle also shows a kind of beauty in 1960s. Stars choose to have long bangs, putting their long hairs down and leavelet them shiny in the sun. This hairstyle gives people a feeling of easy-going and closeness.

Entangled hair

Show: Prada

It seems you are just out of a shower, or wetted by ocean waves. Wet and disheveled hairs are gathered into a pony tail, which is surely to have another kind of charm. A different kind of attention is showed in the seemingly casual intentions.

Elegant low pony tail

Show: Chloe

In autumn and winter 2013 hairstyle trends, low pony tail is still a hot topic. It is because this kind of hairstyle is easy to take care of, and most importantly, it endows you with a quiet temperament. In one of the low pony tail hairstyles, you can see one’s individual temperament, which is both somewhat literary and somewhat retro.

Punk hairstyle with sense of rebellion

Show: Marc Jacobs

With the punk rock rebellious hairstyle, you will no longer a next door girl in others’ eyes any more. It shows your attitude. Maybe being handsome is just what you want. Punk girls also have their own hairstyle. You can’t get rid of the temptation of this hairstyle.

Hairstyles of Heroines in Alfred Hitchcock’s films

Show: Dolce & Gabbana

In Hitchcock’s films, the heroines always coil their hairs up around their heads. Do you like such hairstyles? Coileding your hairs can show your lady’s temperament and make you a real graceful lady.

Curly hair

Show: Derek Lam

Well, curly hair is back! It is not very trendy, but embodies a great deal of charm. Such small curls can be achieved by braiding your hairs then undoing your braids. It is a hairstyle that helps show your personality.


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