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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You may think wearing more than four rings and putting on a string of bracelet is the typical feature of the "upstarts", but now this concept should be thrown away! Since the Balenciaga show, putting on lots of rings on one’s hands has become a new fashion trend. This kind of appearance is not pretentious, but very trendy. Kristen Stewart wore several rings and black and white clothing on the red carpet. Multiple rings were easily set off by the simple clothing.

Even if you don’t have enough money to buy expensive Balenciaga, you can be trendy with rings! Actually, on the streets of Europe and America, there are many people wearing multiple rings. Editors have collected some examples and advices on collocation. Now let’s speak out: wearing one ring is OUT! !

Suggestions on collocation:

1.Try to choose rings with the same color and pay attention to their sizes. On each hand, there should be a big main ring, and other rings have simple styles and are supplementary to the main ring.

2. For colored gemstone rings, you don’t need to stick to the tone. Different colors on your hands can make you more dynamic, which is very beautiful with dark clothes!

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