Eat for Younger Skin and Fewer Wrinkles

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Put your wrinkle cream aside and eat an orange instead. Diet with substantial Vitamin C content can help you to avoid signs of aging on your skins. Specifically, eating more vitamin C was associated with fewer wrinkles and better skin hydration, while higher linoleic acid (dietary source from vegetable oils) intake was associated with better hydration and less skin atrophy (where the skin becomes thinner as it loses collagen). On the flip side, eating more fats and carbohydrates increased signs of skin aging.

Starting your youthful diet is easy. To up your vitamin C intake, break out of the orange-and-strawberry rut and add tropical fruits like guava, kiwi and papaya to your grocery cart. For linoleic acid, add nuts, flaxseeds and tofu to your diet. Or to get both in one dose, try eating broccoli or kale. Not only will that diet help your skin, it'll help your hair, nails and even your mood!

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