Foolproof Makeup During Festive Party Season

Friday, November 30, 2012

Party season is around the corner and here we've some wonderful tips to keep your makeup intact as long as you do, especially for after-work parties.

Powder patrol
The powdery nature of eye shadows means that they're especially prone to smudging, not to mention when you're sweating out in the dance floor. To prevent eye shadows from slipping, sliding and creasing, dip a cotton wool pad in toner and swipe over closed eyelids. This helps to reduce any excess oil on the lids. Then take an eye shadow primer and apply over the top lid. This smoothes the surface of the lid while ensuring shadows glide on and stay put, all through the day and into the night.
Mascara minefield
Smudging of mascara leads to dreaded panda eyes. To prevent it, you have to take some measures right after the moment of application. Take a tissue and press over lashes to remove any excess oil. Then take a soft eye shadow brush and dip into a translucent or clear loose powder and lightly dust over lashes. This will bind mascara to lashes and help to avoid slippage.
Smudge-proof eyeliner
Always use a waterproof pencil, liquid or gel liner as these have more grip and staying powder than the regular wax formats. When applying the eyeliner, take a matte powder shadow in the same shade as your liner and trace along the lash line. This will soak up any excess oil along the eye line and unsure that your liner won't budge.

Firm foundations
Opt for liquid foundations over powder ones, which have less staying power and are more likely to dry out skin at a time when it needs all the hydration it can get. Use a brush to apply your foundation when you're trying to achieve medium to full coverage, when you need a heavier make up for parties. Remember that foundation spreads more evenly over the skin if it's at room temperature, hence it is recommended to use the warmth of your fingers.

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